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International standard lectures, based on real experiences and cases that generate insights for your company, focused on improving performance by developing teams and improving people.

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Current themes and proved content, which are aligned to the moment and the needs of the companies, in each project.

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Every company depends on the preparation of the people who are there. We create effective training for growth.

Counselor and Mentor

Knowledge and years of practical experience put at the service of enterprises, serving as part of the board or as mentor for teams or individuals.

Most requested topics


  • Disney® Quality in Services
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Behavior
  • Holistic Marketing
  • Trademarks in Social Networks
  • Learn more details and topics


  • Intrapreneur Mindset
  • Big Data and I.A. in business
  • Blockchain as a platform
  • Innovation and Disruption Cases
  • 7 Tips to Generate Innovation
  • Learn more details and topics


  • Digital Transformation
  • Team Management
  • Become a Strategic Leader
  • Sell Value and do not discuss Price
  • How to Sell New Products
  • Learn more details and topics
    Those themes are just suggestions and all the lectures are defined considering the goals of your company, in a process of needs understanding. Cases and examples will be added according to the segment of the company and the required results. Each lecture lasts 45 or 90 minutes.
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    To talk about something, you have to have lived the experience

    Fred Pacheco is an international speaker and consultant with more than 20 years in leadership positions in various industries. He is a member of the board of directors of Galleria Palms Hotel in Florida and teaches graduate courses at prestigious institutions. He worked for six years for the Digital Business and Innovation division of Bank Itau Group.

    Fred Pacheco        More info
    • Executive position in companies such as Michelin, IBM, Nokia, Trendi, boo-box and Predicta.
    • Participated in the start-up of companies as co-founding partner and advisor;
    • MSc in Education Technologies by UNIFESP;
    • Innovation specialist by Stanford University;
    • MBA at FGV and at Ohio University;
    • Leadership, Team Management and Quality Service courses at the Disney Institute;
    • Postgraduation Professor at ESPM, BSP, IPOG, EADA of Spain and IEDE of Chile;
    • Director of associations such as ABA-Rio, WAA Brasil and APADi;
    • Speaker at international events from IDC Latin Amercia, TI&Utilities Forum etc.
    • Author of books on Negotiation and on Media.

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